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Welcome to the Bathroom Guide. A web site dedicated to provide you with complete information relating to the redecoration and remodeling of your bathroom. This web site will include advantageous information that will help you with your selections. Essential guidance on fixtures, flooring , lighting and other products will be available. When looking for advice it is important that you keep in mind what your needs are and the resources (money) that you have available. This bathroom guide will facilitate your choices and help you make the best picks.

We've added a few articles on toilets that you may find of interest. Visit our articles section for more details.

Bathroom Tiles

The bathroom tiles are very important when making your decision to redecorate or remodel your bathroom because, as it is obvious, they cover a great amount of space. You need to choose tiles that will enhance the style of the bathroom. For example, if you have a small bathroom the tiles will need to be of a bright color and with a small amount of design. The most common choice is ceramic tiles for they are long lasting and create a nice effect in the bathroom. Ceramic tiles are expensive and a bit cold but they are a nice element of your "new bathroom". To counterbalance the coldness of the ceramic tiles you might want to use warm colors for your paint, it will help to decrease the perception of coldness in the room. Choosing your tiles will be one of the hardest decisions you will have to make for they come in thousands of different colors, sizes and designs. However you need to keep in mind that the trend now is to keep your selection as neutral as possible since it will be easier for you to have a greater variety when choosing the color of your walls. Almond and grey are the most common colors selected now. When it comes to the size of the tile, the most chosen one is the 4 " square wall tile. It is the easiest to install and is the perfect size. There are also lager ones, 8x8"s, 10x10"s and even 12x12"s but they become harder to install because the underlayment most be perfectly even and level. There are also ceramic tiles that are much smaller than 4 " but they come in sheets to make them easier and faster to install. Ceramic tiles are mostly made of a mixture of different clays, what determines the quality is the amount of absorption and the durability. There are also tiles that are made of natural elements such as granite, slate and marble. They are more expensive but it is understood that each characteristic becomes of a higher quality.

Bathroom Cabinets and Sinks

The bathroom cabinet and sink add a special feature to your new bathroom. You need to determine whether you want your cabinets to help you with storage space or if it will only be a part of the decoration . Depending on the size of the bathroom and your needs you will be able to choose from a large selection of styles, colors and sizes. The sink is also a decision that depends on the space and your needs. To make a small bathroom seem bigger you might want to choose a sink that has no bottom storage. If, however, you have a large size bathroom the choice of a sink might be easier since you will be able to select a sink with more features such as bottom storage and larger.


When first selecting your bathtub you must take into consideration the dimensions of the available space in your bathroom as well as the water supply. Since there are thousands of different types of bathtubs you will need to determine your needs once again. Do you need a one or two person bathtub? Do you want a whirlpool? or perhaps a Clawfoot tub? Etc. Depending on your financial availability you will be able to get good deals at local stores and even online. The selection is wide and the possibilities are endless. Nevertheless, if you decide to choose a customary design you will be able to accentuate it with the surroundings of your bathtub. For example, setting a special set of lights, the color of your paint and even the additional fixtures will give your regular bathtub the perfect look.

Showers and Faucets

Showers are no longer a simple space in your bathroom but it has also become more of a luxury! There are showers that can imitate spas and help you relax and provide therapy and there are some that simple do the job! It all depends of the space that you have in the bathroom or if you have to bathrooms. One can have a bathtub with a more sophisticated decor and the second one could have the shower with a more practical decor. Now of days, showers are more complex because of new technologies, some might have more than one showerhead, handshowers and water jets. Adjustable components are also available in some showers, which is an important component if you have many people of different size using the same shower.

Other Suggestions

Here are some suggestions to add a distinctive touch to your bathroom if you do not want to go through a renovation.

  • Add mirrors to a small bathroom, you can add 2 or 3 mirrors on one wall to help the illusion of a bigger bathroom
  • Add fresh flowers to your bathroom. It doesn't have to be only in hotels that we see fresh flowers in a bathroom!
  • If you have space in the room, add a unexpected piece of furniture such as a chair or even a small table
  • Draw attention to your ceiling by either adding designs made with paint or by changing the color of the lighting bulb
  • Add a simple shelf to either help you with space or to simply display a small collection that you might have such as perfume bottles or other objects that might not get damaged with humidity.
  • Add a plant to the room as it will give it a nice and unexpected look. Make sure you choose a plant that likes humidity and warm weather!
  • Display some pictures and art. Be careful when selecting the frames because with the humidity of the room the picture might get stuck to the frame
  • Add something completely new and innovative such as a Towel Warmer, Mini-entertainment centers or even the luxury of a Warm Floor! The choice is great!


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